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 Programs To Grow 

  100% practical and hands-on training to become  an excellent leader in tech, one step at a time

Ignite Mentoring Program

February ,2022 - 30 hrs ⌚

12/15 seats left 📅 - 7th Edition

Experience CTO &

Founder @ Lidr


Tech for non-techies program

February - 22 hrs ⌚

10/12 seats left 📅

Experience CTO &

Founder @ Lidr


Know Our A-Team, Your A-Team

Everything you will live during our trainings are real startup cases based on the knowledge and experiences of our mentors, top-notch leaders that contributed to build and grow some of the most successful companies around Europe.

Toby Oliver,


Jordi Miró,


Michelle Kaiser,


Andrés Rodrigues, Eng. Manager
Alberto Betella,


Guillermo Blasco,


Rod Begbie,

Eng. Manager

Rubén Vilar,


Jaime Mateo,


Pablo Velarde,

Head of Sales

Events To Connect

Join the best industry leaders, practice and learn from their experiences. Answer your questions, participate, engage. 

Team-based Workshop

💪 Are you ready to go from Zero to MVP? 

Join a 100% practical workshop aimed at multidisciplinary teams working in digital products.

🗓 December 15th, 2021
🕞 From 11:00 to 17:00 CET
📍 Oceanogràfic - Valencia


Aspiring leaders around the world trust in us to be their trainers, mentors, coaches. Our purpose is to have a deep impact in your growth, and this is what they say about the experience:

Good job energize the first session of the CTO week :)
Carles Capellas Careta
CTO Daggout
So much energy and drive! Alvaro conducted a wonderful program to introduce business students and aspiring founders to the world of tech and how to build products in a week. He has shown great resilience and versatility in all situations, and was always extremely motivated to guide us and offer advice on all kinds of topics at all times.
Carolina Decastri
Founder at START Barcelona
What I liked the most was having Alvaro so close to us, I started dozens of conversations in private with him about some specific topic or doubt that I needed to resolve, and he was always there for us.
Pedro Pablo Aparicio
CTO Finletic
Thank you for the time you dedicate to the community
Paolo Mosca
Tech Lead Mobile Goin
Are you an aspiring CTO or a CTO wanting to boost your skills? Then check out this #techleadweek, a 7-day workshop designed by top CTOs for aspiring CTOs, put together by my friend Alvaro Moya. This is a great way to boost your career! See below for more info - seats are limited.
Priscilla Lavoie
Marketing Lead
Hands-on education for the tech leaders of tomorrow!
Diego Jiménez
Product Design Facebook
I would completely recommend this course, not only for beginners, but also for people that have been working as Tech Lead before
Jaime Rodríguez Moya
Frontend Developer
This is realy great! Honestly, this is really really great! You keep it at exactly the right level, love it! And the most important part, practice, practice, practice!
Jon Adolfsson
Co-Founder Tribaldata
Enjoying CTO week with you! Thanks for putting it together :)
Katherine Y. Li
Product Manager Amazon
I jumped from being an employee to start my own business and failed miserably. I then realised I needed to step my game and really gain new skills very fast" "I needed to join a tech community where I can learn, share knowledge and improve every day
João Mendes
CTO e Co-fundador
Congratulations for the super interesting session!
Jonathan Florido Moreno
Head of Ecommerce TMC
It was a great experience and we think that we should learn and implement some perspective we saw at the AWS workshop.
Agustin Navcevich
Software Engineer ABRA
I am so excited to see this coming up!

This is fantastic opportunity to become the leaders we have been waiting for 💪

Don't hesitate to join the community and sign up for the first program!🤩

Look at the list of people 😍, we can learn form the best, the most talented and experienced people!

How many programs ofter this?
If you have questions don't hesitate to ask.
Diane Gombart
Enterprise Agile Coach at Xapo
Hi Álvaro, My name is Benjamin. I was present at the CTO meeting today, that was a great job from the host. I would like to connect with you to see how we can be of help to each other. Thank you!
Benjamin okah
General Manager at Obennix Technology
I love that it’s a leadership sandbox. It’s a safe space in which to exercise the growth mindset. It lowers the barrier to allow oneself to attempt, stumble, fall, fail and learn. All while being surrounded by a team of other leaders from which to learn, as well as an amazing mentor like Álvaro Moya.
Phil Thomas
Tech Account Lead Zartis
It's been a very gratifying experience, you get the opportunity to develop a set of tasks that are part of the daily challenges of the Tech lead of any modern company, feedback received from the mentors had a very positive impact
Alberto Montañola Lacort
CTO WeGetFinancing
I enjoyed the sessions a great deal. Monday you had a great presentation that started with data and the ‘Why’ That was impactful and attention capturing. I liked Wednesday that you had speakers share their experience, the activity was well placed, and the content very good
Roxana Cocariu
Senior Engineering Manager Duo Security
Thanks for organizing the workshop! Our team had lots of fun.
Hanna Shuvalova
Managing Partner at Pawa
I`ve seen myself in a lot of your words today… Congrats for your work! Looking wordward the next session 👏
Estefanía Fernández Sánchez
iOS Developer at Hasten Group
There is one ignite for each one of the igniters. The way Alvaro conducts the sessions allows you to bring the concepts to your own reality and apply them to your objectives.
Jordi-Ysard Puigbò Llobet
R&D Specialist
Congratulations on yesterday's session, it was insightful and very dynamic. It made me reflect a lot about my career and I'm glad to be part of this community. Looking forward to the next sessions!
Jaime Mateo Herrero
CTO & Co-founder @ Bridge for Billions
Thanks for the session today. Some of the points definitely resonate.
Cory Berg
Tech Leader Allstate
I really admire the work you are doing and see that the things we care about intersect a lot!
Mel Lang
Agile Coach Koa Health
There is one ignite for each one of the igniters. The way Alvaro conducts the sessions allows you to bring the concepts to your own reality and apply them to your objectives.
Angel G.
Senior JavaScript full-stack engineer at Kaluza
Interested in a 7-days workshop, an immersive, on-the-job training for aspiring CTOs?
I can highly recommend the below course!
Robin Jose
Chief Data & Analytics Officer

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