Why should CTOs train their tech teams today?

03/06/2021 Why should CTOs train their tech teams today? Most tech leaders view training as a key investment short/long term.But in moments of high growth i.e. after series A, the question is: are they prioritizing it properly? First…Why is leadership important in tech teams? “Leaders influence people not by power but through relationship and vision casting” […]

Dear CTO, remote will change your company forever

It’s the new cool kid on the block. Everyone is talking about it. Everyone wants it, at least partially. Before COVID-19, all of us had some friends working remotely. Some of them were contractors. Others were working from all around the world for big Australian/American/Canadian companies. It seems that candidates are demanding this option more […]

Tips for your CTO Interview, from a CTO Recruiter

Let’s set the scene – you’re a CTO. You’re being interviewed for that potential dream role. If you’re being interviewed by anybody worth their salt during the recruitment process you will be asked questions that are designed to get you thinking, and quite often to catch you out. What exactly are these questions fishing for? […]

The art of communicating in a Tech environment

We tend to think about communication as something that just a few group of people needs professionally in order to be successful in to their professional careers. Journalists, TV show hosts, company C-level with external communications responsibilities… But I tend, as usual, to go and seek a different point of view.  Communication is something that […]

The best meeting is the one we don’t have

Beginning of December 2020, I wrote an article with a slightly provocative title “The best meeting is the one we don’t have” I wrote this article thinking about every individual at a company following a workshop I gave on getting effective meetings as our respective calendars were exploding with meetings.  I talked about questioning our […]

Hackers and Scientists

Author: José Vicente Ruiz Cepeda In May 2003, Paul Graham (founder of YCombinator) published one of his most famous essays, “Hackers and Painters”: “Hacking and painting have a lot in common. In fact, of all the different types of people I’ve known, hackers and painters are among the most alike. What hackers and painters have […]

Artificial Human

Attracting and retaining talent is not an easy task for companies, especially considering the “cruising speed” that technological innovation has taken, as well as the great benefits of this for increasing productivity and creativity in companies. But here I will talk about a concept, perhaps more impressive, that of the “Artificial Human” technology. When we […]

3 underestimated things in engineering organizations

Many studies have revealed a strong correlation between productivity and developers’ happiness (see Chapter 10 of this book for multiple references). Despite this, in my experience many companies do not prioritize key initiatives that go in this direction. To expand on this idea, I want to explore some of the things related to developers’ satisfaction […]

2020 is undoubtedly a year to lead!

This year, for sure, apart from marking history, is marking our present as few events have done before. The global emergency COVID-19 has made us change (and so fast!). Certainly, it is a context in which the word “leader” takes on even more a sense of “collaboration” and “real help” to the development of people […]

Scaling a design system in a big company

Taking things to the next level Back in 2018 Jeff was a completely different company compared to what it is now. It evolved from a single laundry service franchise to a multi-vertical environment where users can benefit from a whole world of necessities through an omnichannel ecosystem. Jeff transition to a multi-vertical ecosystem This inevitably […]