2020 is undoubtedly a year to lead!

This year, for sure, apart from marking history, is marking our present as few events have done before. The global emergency COVID-19 has made us change (and so fast!). Certainly, it is a context in which the word “leader” takes on even more a sense of “collaboration” and “real help” to the development of people from a personal and professional perspective. Keys factors to survive uncertainty: the resilience and generosity to inspire others. As Tom Peters said: “Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.” 

Having this clear this year, Álvaro Moya created Lidr thanks to the unparalleled co-creation with some of the CTOs that have transformed some of the most ambitious startups into scaleups around Europe. 

At the end of the year and the beginning of this fantastic dream come true that has already awakened the interest of those techs who want to become betters leaders for a better world, we talked to Álvaro Moya, the founder of Lidr, who is building an international community of CTOs because he is very aware that: together we learn, together we solve and only together we can lead. Let’s start!

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced this year? Have you overcome it?

The biggest challenge was the first month after lockdown. I started in wefox the  previous month, and suddenly I needed to start leading a team of 50+ 100% remotely, and rethink the whole tech strategy. I would say I just partially succeeded, because I didn’t dedicate my new team enough time to get their trust and confidence and it had consequences that were difficult to solve.

What has been the deepest learning? What has it been good for?

I can not just name one, I had the two biggest events in my career this year. In the wefox stage I learnt a lot about leading big teams in big companies, related to different topics like delegation, timings in complex environments, setting expectations, or politics. In the Lidr stage I have learnt a lot of what it takes to be a great CEO, like communication skills or business vision, but also getting a better understanding of some areas where I didn’t know much about, like marketing or sales.

Now I feel a much more well-rounded tech entrepreneur and professional.

The most magical things that happen to us are the least unexpected. Do you agree? What magical and unexpected thing do you take away from this 2020?

I was not expecting the success we had getting the mentors of Lidr’s First Program. We had a lot of doubts about the hypothesis we wanted to validate, i.e. if such top-notch professionals would prioritize the program over their other stuff. And then they were committed from the very beginning, contributing much more than just being mentors of the course. Reality beat all the expectations and boosted our confidence and morale. It was the best gift of this year.

Would you like to share the best memory of this year? Does it relate with a dream you’ve been wanting to fulfill for a long time?

The best memory for me is when I first saw Lidr’s presentation video, See you inside. It holds so much energy inside, values exposed resonated so strongly that I still have goosebumps every time I see it. It is for me the masterpiece that sums everything up, reflecting exactly what I am, what I want to achieve, and the footprint I want to leave in others.

Lidr was born in 2020, what has it achieved so far?

After months of hard work, the main achievement is the launch of First Program, our online executive program for tech leaders. We have confirmed the whole panel of mentors that will be there, and we have already secured some of the 20 seats available.

On top of that, we have been able to grow our community where hundreds of CTOs, Eng. Managers and tech leads discuss relevant topics and grow together.

How would you define Lidr? An achievement? An apprenticeship? A dream come true? A co-created dream? Why?

It’s everything at the same time. Every single day has achievements, is full of learnings, and is a step ahead to make the dream come true. Being able to enjoy this amazing journey everyday is a dream come true in itself, is an experience I will remember my entire life.

Have you had time to think about your New Year’s resolutions? Would you like to share those that have to do with Lidr?

This has been a year to rethink every single aspect of my existence, and I want to increase my consciousness and my leadership skills. I want to achieve higher potential, and I need to learn a lot from many different topics.

On top, I hope I can complete my frustrated goals of 2020, specially related to my hobbies and personal life, pending adventures, pending trips, pending experiences.

Regarding Lidr:

·Become the referent ecosystem for tech leaders in Europe

·Become the referent training program for executive tech leadership roles in Europe

I would like to share my personal reflection from this year:

·Full of entropy, full of chaos, full of opportunity.

·We Became more human.

·We Started to care about the real problems we face as species

·We need leaders that can win the hearts of the people, kind, inspiring, brave humans that can lead the change before it’s too late for all of us. This year changed everything, and has happened at the right time. Differences rising, capitalism taking the world, climate advising of a no-return. We have a chance to reinvent ourselves, to design an alternative path, and we all can lead that way from our position. We are not born leaders, we are made, and it’s the moment to decide how much we want to bid on this bet, it may be too late soon.

Finally I would like to confess the goals completed and not completed:

·Camino de Santiago aborted 

·Paragliding aborted

·First tattoo aborted

·Started Kitesurfing

·To lead in a unicorn

·To professionalize my consulting services, and start working with some awesome customers like Demium, Vyou in UK, Oryon Next or Hero

·To launch Lidr and achieve the main milestones before the end of the year. Great community, the best tech leaders around

·I used the video recording expertise collected after 15 birthdays during the pandemic to start my youtuber journey (picture birthday)

In the end, my Ikigai is just getting bigger and bigger. I already found my ikigai as a CTO, and it grew as I was growing with the role, with bigger challenges. But now building Lider I have found an alternative path in which all the 4 areas have increased. I would say this year 2020 I have found my true Ikigai.

We hope that this interview has helped you to know better and directly Álvaro Moya, the leader behind such an innovative movement as Lidr. We encourage you to continue cultivating your Ikigai thanks to the superpower of learning everyday how to lead ourselves and others for a better world. Merry Christmas and Happy New Learning! We look forward to seeing you all in the Lidr’s community.

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