5 inspiring books to boost your leadership career!

Whether you are planning to get a trip away this summer or looking forward to a “staycation”, here are 5 inspiring books I consider that every leader or aspiring leader should read! (and some extra tools) 📚📚📚


✋ Before starting, let me tell you reading these books has enriched my knowledge and experience in terms of leadership, each one has left different reflections and learnings along my way, hope you find it helpful as me.

Have a good reading, leader! 🚀 

“The best way to keep superstars happy is to challenge them and make sure they are constantly learning.”

Kim Scott

I think it’s an amazing one, because help you build, and it reminds us that is good to work as a team. This book try to inspire others to do the best work of their life, not by being complacent but by being demanding and challenging them to give their 110%. 

It shows managers how to be successful while retaining their humanity, finding meaning in their job, and creating an environment where people both love their work and their colleagues.

The author, Kim Malone Scott explains an interesting and practical framework that will help you and your team to do the best work in your lives. You will understand how much you challenge people directly and how much you take care of them personally!

For example, at Lidr,  we push the juniors and the whole team to take their next step always. We challenge them and bring out the best in them without neglecting the personal relationship.

Always seeking for excellence, each member of the team has something to contribute and a lot of potential to exploit!


2. Start with why

This book was written by Simon Sinek (one of my favorite leaders) and it is about the Golden circle why-how-what.  

Why - your purpose.What is your cause? What do you believe?
How - Your process - Specific actions taken to realise your why
What - Your process - What do you do? the result of Why

I really like this book because the goal of a business should not be simply to sell to anyone who wants what you have, but rather to find people that believe what you believe, the left side on the bell curve, the innovators!💡

It is the percentage of people who share your beliefs and want to incorporate your ideas, your products and your services into their own lives as WHATs to their own WHYs.

They look to WHAT you do as a tangible element that demonstrates their own purpose, cause or belief to the outside world. Their willingness to pay a premium or suffer inconvenience to use your product or service says more about them than it does about you and your products. Their ability to easily see WHY they need to incorporate your products into their lives makes this group the most loyal customers.

Actually, I always start each Ignite edition with a specific quote from the book. It is like my gasoline before I start and it reminds me why I do what I do.

If you Igniter are reading this, I want to dedicate it to you because you are Lidr’s innovators, the first to bet on us, on me, and I can not be more grateful because I have found my WHY, and I have found the people that believe what I believe! 💛 


3. Zero to One: Notes On Start Ups, Or How To Build The Future

This is a timeless book about building companies from scratch. If you are an entrepreneur and have an idea to bring to the market, this book is for you. You will get different insights about how to create the future, the appeal of the competition, innovation, sales and more! 

I have a special affection for this book because Lilit, our first communications leader at Lidr, gave it to me when we launched Lidr in the midst of a global pandemic and we were brave to go against the current. 💪🏻 

 During the crisis is when the best opportunities appearToday Lidr is a reality, a validated company that is already impacting technological leaders around the world.



4. Too many bosses, too few leaders 

In self-leadership, the purpose and values are the main drivers of your energy. Why it was going to be different for others? They have their own purpose and values, and their motivation comes from there. So the question is not how to motivate them, the question is what they want! Don’t ask yourself what YOU can DO to motivate them. Rather find out what already motivates them. Ask yourself what THEY WANT.

Once you know what motivates them, try to align their work to their motivations. Simple right?

Reality is much harder. It’s not always possible to align functions and tasks with intrinsic motivators for everyone. The author made a RED framework that explain when we remove money and other extrinsic factors out of the equation, all the factors we consider for a job belong to one of 3 areas: 

  • Role
  • Environment
  • Development

In fact, at Ignite we have a session focused on this book! If you want to get a learning video pill about this session and even other ones, click here!

“Knowing yourself is step one. Step two is going after what you want"

Camille Fournier

This book is based on tech leaders who are in the position to act as strong technical project leaders and to use their expertise at a larger scale so that their whole team gets better. 

Also, they will be working on one major new technical skill: project management and they will be the point person for a team. The author gives you some tips to boost your career in tech around all the different levels on the management ladder

It’s useful to have an overview of the different skills needed to stand out as a leader in tech. As a simple summary, I would say the main principles are:

  • People skills – Business skills – Technical skills. In that order.
  • Use all your available time to practice them. Both at work and outside.
  • The best time to start was yesterday. The second one is now. The sooner you are balanced and improve business and people skills, the sooner you will stand out.

If you are looking for start designing your career path, download this resource we have prepared with everything you need to start (Based on this book).


Now it’s your turn!

📚 What’s been the best book you’ve read this year?

If you have a book to add, email us at communication@lidr.co explaining why this book has inspired you and we will add it to our list of 100 resources for tech leaders!