Tech leadership keeps being in high demand

Today, it is almost impossible to cover the demand for tech leadership roles such as Tech Leader or Engineering Manager. Lots of CTOs from startups and scaleups fight every day to get one of those unicorns: senior engineers with leadership skills and business vision.

The opportunity is huge for those aspiring to lead tech teams, and keeps increasing every day with the post-covid era and more funding flowing into digital companies.

Why the gap is not closing?

First, most tech leaders learn by doing. They grow in the role without a clear guide, without a structured plan. Few startups are investing enough time and resources in developing leadership among their tech and product teams. Or, managers don’t do this process properly. Other times, they don’t become leaders because of a personal motivation, but because of company needs (for sure you know about some brilliant developers that were promoted because of their hard skills and failed miserably).

⛔ The result is: less ⛔ 

What can we do?

Jumping into leadership roles is a big change that can compare to changing companies. such a change requires proper onboarding. It has a strong impact on the performance.

When you have a leader/mentor to guide you during the journey, you feel empowered. When you have someone who listens to you and supports you in the hard moments you face, who shares resources and connects you with others in your position to learn and share doubts, you feel more confident, and you don’t feel alone. It stops being a “swim or sink” situation, and more like a guided discovery.

But what if that doesn’t happen? What if that aspiring leader is left alone to navigate all those new situations, to make all those decisions, to engage with the right people? If her manager doesn’t dedicate enough time to this onboarding process, consequences can be devastating: not only the outcomes for the team will be worse, but the negative experience will remain on her for a long time.

This bad experience reaches the point where not only she hasn’t exploited her skills or unleashed her potential, but also she will leave the job frustrated, and thinking that leadership always works like that. The company, and the tech ecosystem, may miss a great leader 🤷

Therefore, it is time to take tech leadership training seriously. Tech leads and Engineering Managers are fundamental roles in any growing startup. Only by enabling a solid middle-management layer can tech teams successfully face the challenges of high-growth stages, the likes of scaling the product, hiring aggressively, setting up processes, defining clear career paths, or solving conflicts.

I am really convinced that mentoring is key to empowering one’s talent that’s why I have designed a program focused on tech leadership excellence where I will be your mentor in this transformational journey.

Whether you dream of starting or accelerating your career as a leader, or preparing to lead your own startup, informal leadership and peak-performance are key ingredients to succeed: you must lead by example.

Ignite Mentoring Program is an exclusive program that trains you to achieve it in 20 hours of online live sessions where you will boost your leadership skills, improve your business vision, get a 360º view of the tech landscape, and apply tools and tips to boost your productivity.

Let’s talk about your future and the impact Ignite can have for you, book a 30 minutes discovery session directly with me! 🖥️

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