Tech Leadership Training: The Ins and Outs


“1 in 2 CTOs haven’t completed any course in tech leadership”

We finally have the results of STXNext’s CTO Survey 2021, and they are discouraging. Half of the CTOs surveyed don’t have any formal training in leadership. Which means the path to success is pure learning by doing. I was one of them, and in retrospective, I wouldn’t wish this on anybody.

Can you imagine the stress, pressure, and risk I had on any decision, small or big?

That’s why I created and our training programs. A staging environment for aspiring tech leaders so you are tested before being deployed on production ✅

Every day there are more opportunities for aspiring tech leaders and likewise, new courses to supply this need. Then, why is the rate of CTOs who haven’t completed any course so low?

Let’s dive deeper into some of the Ins and Outs of tech leadership training.

The Outs

  • A Lot Of Theory & Lack Of Practice

Most of the leadership training is pure theory but not practice.

Theoretical knowledge is important to build on facts, theories, and reasoning but without the practice, getting out in the playing field, experiencing what you learn on a day-to-day basis within your roles, training would have very little impact.

Practice means making mistakes and learning from them!

This is the reason why we, at Lidr, provide a balance of theory and practical exercises in an immersive environment, so participants get really prepared for the real challenges that will come later.

  • Online Videos Are Limited

Leadership is like karate. It cannot be just read or watched. It has to be practiced in order to be mastered as I mentioned before.

Many leadership training that is recorded fail because they are not actionable: you watch them, then what?

Videos often don’t prepare the ground for you to practice, they are not actionable. You don’t have the motivation to do it because there is no one to discuss with you on the other side. Just you against the screen.

  • Lack Of Self-Commitment

Training, especially online ones, requires self-discipline and time management skills. Many online schools receive hundreds of students who pay for their memberships or courses but don’t take them, which means there is no consistency.

How do you expect to become the 1% and achieve high performance without a high commitment behind it?  “Leaders create the conditions to achieve commitment”.

These are just a few of the reasons why people don’t find the value behind taking a tech leadership course or training.

But of course, the good is always greater than the bad, let’s see what are the ins/benefits of taking leadership training with a tech approach.


  • Taking Advantage Of The Huge Opportunity

There is a huge opportunity right here, right now for aspiring tech leaders!

The world is crazy to find the best managers to run tech teams, digitization is growing exponentially after COVID-19.

If the opportunity for the tech industry was already bigger than any other industry before the pandemic, now is even BIGGER!

The number of developers is growing exponentially, but..who is going to lead that workforce?

It’s a great moment for ambitious engineers to become leaders and tech leadership training is an opportunity to master leadership skills, stand out of the crowd and help others to grow. A different way to work in tech, way more impactful.

              Graph by Jan Hoekman.

  • Tailored Programs For Your Needs

In the market, you can find hundreds of leadership courses, but you should know that there are also different leadership styles.

This may be one of the reasons why many CTOs and Tech leads do not take or do not finish leadership courses, because they find a general leadership approach but not, a vision tailored to their needs especially in tech, that allows them to excel in certain areas like mentoring, performance reviews, one-on-ones, technical vision, among others.

  • Great Returns

Yes, it is true that taking leadership training takes resources, time, energy, and money. However, it is a return on investment from short to long term.

Whether it’s because you have achieved a new role, improved your skills, developed into the leader you wanted to become, helped your team grow, and impacted the results of others.

Education is the greatest gift you can give or receive. It’s the gift of growth

Alvaro Moya

If you are an IT professional looking to enhance your leadership skills. I’d love to invite you to join our Lidr Community, so you can get a taste of our leadership style, try a different way of learning, interact with other peers and grow together. for free 🙂