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Resolving conflicts in a positive manner is one of the most valuable skills nowadays


According to studies, 85% of employees deal with conflicts at work at some point, and 30% deal with them almost constantly. Up to 385 million working days are spent per year dealing with conflicts in the US alone.

The consequences of poor conflict management are massive, and can be irreparable: project failure, attrition, decreased cooperation, demotivation… Productivity, employee engagement, and the reputation of the organization are at risk whenever a conflict arises, and this is happening every single time people have a disagreement caused by different beliefs, opinions, or ways of working.

This is especially true in tech environments, where the gap between business and tech makes communication and collaboration difficult.

Developing the right communication skills, from active listening to strategic verbal and non-verbal communication, along with preparing a structured action plan, are key to handle conflicts effectively. You will be saving money, increasing productivity and motivation, empowering your staff, improving their work experience and cross-collaboration, and reducing turnover. You will also reduce risks by preventing potential aggression or violence.


At the end of this training, you will be able to:
  • Understand the different types of conflict and their consequences
  • Improve active listening and negotiation skills
  • Choose appropriate communication style
  • Put validated techniques and processes in practice for managing conflicts effectively



Alfons Foubert

Engineering Executive Coach

My role is to help engineering managers to grow as leaders.

Helping them gain clarity and knowledge.

Making them aware of the strengths and weaknesses so that they become better for their companies, teams, and themselves.

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This course is specifically aimed for:

  • Tech professionals who are beginning to face the challenge of dealing with conflicts in their teams
  • Technical leaders who are leading teams and want to improve their conflict resolution skills
  • Experienced leaders who want to discover a new approach to manage conflicts effectively from a top leadership mentor


This is a brief summary of everything that’s included in this course:

  • 2 workshops of 2.5 hours each to improve your conflict resolution skills
    Each session will be a hybrid of lecture, mentoring, group discussion, and implementation of real cases. 100% online
  • BONUS: After one month, 1 live masterclass with the host where participants can put learning into practice
  • Lifetime access to all recordings, material, and presentations
  • Lifetime access to the LIDR community.
    On top of the public area, you will have access to a Conflict resolution private channel for team problem-solving, accountability, sharing resources, and tightening feedback loops between sessions.
  • Priority access to job offers from companies like Revolut, Landbot, Paack, Sage, etc.


Aspiring leaders around the world trust in us to be their trainers, mentors, coaches. Our purpose
is to have a deep impact on your growth, and this is what they say about the experience:


We will start by explaining what conflict is, the different types, and the impact of poor conflict management for individuals and organizations. We will explore common situations happening in tech teams, like negotiations with stakeholders, setting expectations with other departments, personal conflicts in the team, or knowledge gaps between business, product, and tech.

We will also explore the key skills needed to resolve a conflict and reach a successful outcome for the parties involved. This includes active listening, emotional intelligence, empathy, verbal and non-verbal communication, negotiation, and logical thinking. Prepare to put them in practice in real conflicts with your peers, where you will use a few techniques that are very effective at preventing conflict from arising or escalating.

Finally, we will explore advanced strategies and tactics to approach, tackle and resolve serious conflicts effectively.


You will learn from:

► Alfons Foubert. Business Coach.



Workshops: Two days on November 2021. 17:00-20:00 CET. Each masterclass has a duration of 2.5h with a mix of theory and exercises.

Group Q&A: One month later, so participants can put learning into practice. Is a live session with the host to share the different challenges and answer the questions of the participants.


The program schedule is focused on the following topics:

Introduction to conflict:

1. What is conflict?

2. Your experience with conflicts.

3. Different types of conflicts.

► Skills needed to successfully handle conflicts:

1. Effective communication

2. Active Listening

3. Emotional intelligence and logical thinking

► Advanced strategies and tactics:

1. What is positive conflict and how to implement it?

2. Understanding our nervous system. What is a fight-flight-freeze response?

3. Transform conflict into creativity. Two magic ingredients, vulnerability, and curiosity.

"Lead by example works simply:
Lead yourself first in order to lead others.
Only being the best yourself you can inspire others to be the best themselves"

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How many people can take part in this program?

– This program is designed for a maximum of 30 people.

  • Every week you deep dive into a pseudo-real context, and your stakeholders present you a challenge.
  • You need to solve it by your own means.
  • You have 7 hours of live sessions with the mentor to discuss the proposals, ask further questions, expand on the topic and do other practical exercises, from role-plays to live interviews.
  • Time to reflect about the learnings, tips and feedback obtained.
  • Get prepared for the next challenge!
    messages that enables reaching your goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can take part in this program?

This program is designed for 30 people

What if I can’t make it to a certain session?

This program is designed to be an interactive group experience and “showing up” focused and engaged is 90% of success. To become a peak-performing leader commitment and consistency are absolutely mandatory.

Anyway, we totally understand that something can come up at any given time and prevent you from attending. No worries, each session will be recorded and shared shortly afterward, and you are granted lifetime access to all the content and materials.

What if there aren’t empty seats for this training?

You can join the waiting list. First, we will get in touch with you in case someone releases her seat. Second, you will be the first to know once a new edition becomes available, so you can get early access.

Are there payment plans available?

Yes. If you prefer, you can pay for the program in 2 monthly installments. Please get in contact for more details about financing.

What is the change/cancellation/refund policy?

We offer a 14-day money back guarantee from the moment you purchase the online training. In case you can not start in the assigned edition of the training, we could move you to the next edition, as long as you tell us at least 7 days prior to the start of the training.

How do I request a refund?

Send us an email at and we will process your refund shortly.

Is this training available worldwide?

We firmly believe distributed and international workforces will shape the future of work, so are we and so is our audience. The workshops are run entirely in English, are 100% online and everyone can enroll, as long as the schedule works for them. Please check it carefully on the Training details page of the course of your interest.

What if I am unhappy with the training?

We want to be paid for delivering real value. If you are not satisfied with the results of the training once done, contact us at and we will give you a full refund, no questions.

Who has created this training?

This training has been designed by the mentor in collaboration with the academic team at Lidr, mostly CTOs that have lived the transition from developer to manager “the old way”. Now we create together the kind of training we wish we had had when we started our journey.

Can you run this program for my company?

Yes. We can run a private version of this program for future and current technical leaders all working for the same company. Please get in contact for more details.

Can I ask another question?

Sure! If something is unclear or you need more information, feel free to contact us directly by email ( or by whatsapp. We understand it’s a fair amount of time and money to invest and we want to be totally sure you have everything at your disposal to come 120% convinced of the impact Ignite will have in your growth. We want to hear you roaring in the opening session!

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What are the technical requirements for this training?

This is an online, interactive, fully remote training. For the best experience you will need:


Good, reliable Internet access. Recommended minimum is 1Mb/s

A modern Internet Browser

We will use several web-based tools to run the sessions, like Miro, Menti. It is recommended you use one of the following: Chrome 52.0 or later, Firefox 52.0. or later, Safari 10 or later, Internet Explore 11 or later, Edge version 15 or later. Please check you can access and


A computer able to run Zoom and a web browser concurrently. Recommended minimum specifications include: CPU 2,8 GHz (dual-core i3/i5/i7 or AMD equivalent), 4GB RAM.

Google Drive

We will use this cloud storage service to host both the material and your proposals.

Webcam and microphone

We expect attendees to be present, both by video and audio. So we encourage to have and enable both webcam and microphone

Video Conferencing Software

The training runs via Zoom. It is recommended to use native Zoom client (i.e. not the web client).

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