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How to scale your tech team as CTO

Álvaro Moya

Founder @

Learn to lead tech teams

Lidr | Universidad Javeriana de Cali

November, 24

💪 Are you ready to go from Zero to MVP?

December 15th, 2021

📍 On-site event

Past Events

Learn to lead tech teams

Lidr | Universidad Javeriana de Cali

Micro Habits and Routines for High Performance Devs

Lidr | KeepCoding

Lean Startup: An Innovative Guide To Entrepreneurship

Lidr | Ironhack


Tech Lead Week

Álvaro Moya

Help us to co-create the future of Lidr along with amazing mentors!

It's time to reduce the gap between business and technology in a world that is becoming more digital every day!

LIDR & Demium.

From “hands-on” to leading leaders: How to scale your tech team as CTO

Invite by

STX Next

How to stay focus in a world full of distractions

Katie Stoddart

Founder @ The Focus Bee

Discover why and how Amazon always starts with the customer, and work backwards from their needs


The great leader in tech: the entrepreneur CTO

Álvaro Moya

Founder @ Lidr

Self-reflection is key to succeed both at a professional and personal level

Melissa Lang

Agile Coach @ Koa Health

Advice about dealing with some critical challenges related to scaling quickly

David Stanete

Engineering Manager @ Creditas

Communication skills: How to "Sell DevOps" to the Executives?

Jordi Falguera

Business Agility 

Live coaching

Alfons Foubert

Leadership Coach & CTO

Tech decisions you won't regret

Alberto Betella

Tech Entrepreneur & Executive

The key to lead an engaging onboarding

Dóra Iranyi

Founder @ 4Dvelopment

From CTO to CTPO: Adopting the Product mindset

Álvaro Mancilla

CPO @ Goin