Engineering Executive Coach

Alfons Foubert

Alfons Foubert


Your favorite content and why

 I love Jordan Peterson’s YouTube videos. I think what he puts out is mostly the common sense that we’re losing as a society.

Your favorite working app

I’m sure it’s going to sound weird but for me it’s the calendar. I personally love planning and structuring my work in the calendar so that I’m more efficient and effective at my work.

Your reference leader, why and what you learnt

Without any doubt my friend and mentor Ángel de Lope. He taught me the principles that rule every human interaction as well as how to spot them and fix them.

The #1 skill to become a successful leader in tech

Active Listening. Like Buddha said, If your mouth is open, you’re not learning

What you like most of being a leader in tech?

I love that it’s still in its infancy, tech is being around just for decades while other professions have been around for thousands of years which means there’s a lot to learn and discover

Which is the biggest challenge you have faced as a leader?

Myself. When you’re leading people, the biggest obstacle is being self-aware of your capacities, habits and behaviours which will be most likely what limits you.

What is the takeaway from that experience?

You need help to understand yourself. The macho man attitude that goes along “I can fix myself” is going to cost you more that you would ever know.

The one single tip for aspiring CTOs

It’s no longer white or black. From now on everything is a shade of grey.


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