Freelance consultant

Pablo Velarde

South Europe sales Leader and Spain sales manager - Cisco meraki


Your favorite content and why

Too many bosses, too few leaders – Rajeev Peshawaria 

There´s few pople like Rajeev and even less that can describe so easy what leadership is. I come from the land of bosses (spain) hence this book was the eye opening to a new management style that got me here today.

Your favorite working app

Slack is very interesting but things keep getting lost. I´m fan of click-up to organise delivery from different teams and task and to-dos with dependencies.

Your reference leader, why and what you learnt

Andy McCall 

A Leader can be several things, but I ´ve never seen such a human one. A Leader capable of everything with just a sentence. One of those truth source of inspiration, loyal to his very own character even as Cisco Senior VP.

The #1 skill a tech leader needs to succeed

Look ahead the team 6 months and 1 day ahead everyindividual. Be honest.

What you like most of being a leader in tech?

The technology. On the other hand, being able to work with people with great technological skills and who understand other people.

Which is the biggest challenge you have faced as a leader?

Very junior in the role we discovered one of the reps stole near 300kGBP from customer payments. Obviously is not something we could all manage directly so I scalate when proven the scamm.

What is the takeaway from that experience?

This was not just a personal challenge but a team challenge, so I decided to communicate the reps what happened against HR advise. We made the strongest team ever! literally, like brothers.

The one single tip for aspiring CTOs

Be yourself and trust the people you hire.

What should a top tech recruiting process have?

Selling your company is a big part of it. If you want the best in class, then offer them the best in class (period). A legend won´t work for company that does not will to invest in their personal development so. Sell the company before from the first call.

How can i avoid micromanagement?

Trust is my only advice. Trust your team, Let them know what do you expect from them and when, but not how. Let them be creative and be there to be supportive during the process → give them the tools but not the fish and they will learn. Otherwise you would be supervising a group of people´s operations and working xN (N= number of people in your team).

How can i make sure the message i wants gets across the audience

When speaking to a group of people, it´s very important you find something to connect them, to make them feel that the ones around understand the message as he is. At that point is when you can drop your message, it will run through an audience that is connected, feeling the same energy and, if not, they would have trust enough to ask the neighbor about it.

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