We transform passionate tech professionals into real leaders, but we don’t want you to take our word for it.

Here you are some testimonials from those that already lived the Lidr experience in one way or another:


“I jumped from being and employee to start my own business and failed miserably. I then realised I needed to step my game and really gain new skills very fast”

“I needed to join a tech community where I can learn, share knowledge and improve everyday”

“Immersive experience, you will have a lot of feelings and emotions. Sometimes you may feel lost, or disappointed, but each day you will be learning a lot, even in topics you think you have more experience”

“Experts in each domain will help you to go further”

“After the course, I feel much more comfortable to take this step”

“They touch all the areas you will face if you work in a CTO role position. You will talk with lots of experts and they will answer all your questions”

“What I liked more is that it’s really immersive, you’re going to work as a CTO in a real company”
“It’s been a very gratifying experience, you get the opportunity to develop a set of tasks that are part of the daily challenges of the CTO of any modern company”

“Feedback received from the mentors had a very positive impact”

How mentoring is helping you address your own challenges?

Quick sessions, completely focused on solutions for each single problem, analyzing what’s the real problem and if it is really worth the effort solving it

How Ignite is helping you achieving your leadership goals?

Practical team exercises, sharing experiences during the classes.

Which is the one thing you would highlight the most from the program and why?

Alvaro’s energy and guidance

Why would you recommend a friend to join Ignite, in case you would do it?

Something that you need to do if you want to become a part of that 1%, there’s no other way

How mentoring is helping you address your own challenges?

For me, mentoring is giving me the confidence to follow what I believe in, because it’s helping me believe more in myself. On top of that, it’s helping me be more accountable and disciplined
How Ignite is helping you achieve your leadership goals?

It helps with learning by doing, empowering me to lead and help others, to practice informal leadership and, on top of all, awaken an entrepreneurial spirit that motivates me to build my own path
Which is the one thing you would highlight the most from the program and why?

Bringing together a group of like-minded individuals at all levels of experience, because it helps understand each other and build relationships that will outlast the program.

Can I ask you for a brief written feedback in English on how Ignite is helping you achieving the initial goals you set? We would love to use in our website to get the new igniters in, and your experience matters a lot for me

I was looking for a course which would really impact in my work and career, not only receive theory lessons to obtain a certificate. My objectives were: clarify what direction my career should take, identify which skills I have and which ones I need to strengthen and get the best advice to "ignite my career", all with the goal of becoming a better leader every day. When I had the first interview with Alvaro I knew we were looking for exactly the same thing. Since the first session I have been able to apply his advice in my work and in my life!

What are we doing to make sure we deliver on our promise?

One of the first lessons we received is the importance of being accountable. Álvaro is in contact with people in your environment to get qualitative feedback, we made retrospectives after sessions and all of them are evaluated. In addition he provided us tools to measure our evolution.

How Ignite is helping you achieve your leadership goals?

I would highlight the tools and content that Álvaro have provided to us, of course is up to you to continue learning and applying this knowledge, but once you are in Ignite you have a framework and a community that directly impacts your skills.

Which is the one thing you would highlight the most from the program and why?

I would say impact. All the content has been thought to impact your career since the first day, I think they have carefully selected all the areas that a leader needs, avoiding any lessons that cannot be put into practice in a real and modern environment.

Why would you recommend a friend to join Ignite, in case you would do it?

Additionally to all I mentioned before I would say that you can combine it with your work, and it serves as inspiration and motivation from the very beginning.

Álvaro is devoted to share his learnings, and invested himself into helping me grow my leadership skills. He adapted the format to our group with agility, making it a curated and tailored experience. I'd recommend it full-heartedly!

Phil Thomas

Tech Account Lead Zartis

Incredible 4 weeks. You have inspired ALL of us, and that's the most beautiful thing I can say about it. This experience in just the first edition is UNBELIEVABLE.

Pedro Pablo Aparicio

CTO Finletic

Ignite was really a mindset change through lots of curated content and practice. The important thing is that the program’s content scales really well and will make you explore further. I don’t think the naming is just fancy, it’s a description for an action happening inside.

Dani Peña Iglesias

Head Of Technology Pepper.com

Álvaro, once again thank you for your time, your experience, and your willingness to help. We’ll be in touch!

Antonio Reher

Tech Lead Zartis

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