The art of communicating in a Tech environment


We tend to think about communication as something that just a few group of people needs professionally in order to be successful in to their professional careers. Journalists, TV show hosts, company C-level with external communications responsibilities… But I tend, as usual, to go and seek a different point of view. 

Communication is something that must be taught at school stage. It’s so basic to be able to share our feelings, our internal fires/questions, humour or, the most important, to transmit about something. It’s also one of our very most unique features as humans, our communication capability but… Is it just talking? 

I tend to believe that communication is to be able to create the feeling in your audience so you can excite, energize or make someone believe into what you are talking just, and only just, If you believe in it. 

For instance, in the movie, THE HUMAN FACTOR , which I recommend for anyone working on improving their speech and their impact on other people. This movie talks about how the impact at a human level was key into the Middle east /gulf war negotiations… How it changed both sides perception and how, by taking in consideration this factor, the process was successful. Besides politics, If it was useful in one of the toughest negotiations ever held, don´t you think it can help YOU deliver what you need to your audience?  Do you see any problem on it being technical, sales or just a conversation?

Communicating to your tech team in a group, being it in public or private it’s something we all need to learn if we want to grow in the tech industry, the art of saying a thing to the group and, at the same time, something special to every single individual, so you get the team to where you want, plus every individual pushes to the limit. The art of making others understand something just by the way you are delivering. And this works for anything, presentations, meeting, leaders and people leaders, delivery to customers and complex technical sessions…

How can we achieve that? 

It is something that needs work, reflection and learning but it can be implemented, because being the very unique person we are, but with the ability to deliver complex ideas into simple ways, will allow you to transform from a great individual into the leader that every organization needs. 

Here are some tips you could follow in order to deliver more impactful, energizing and simple sessions to anyone, being your team, a customer or even your Boss!

  • Create the temporary line.
  • Choose a out of context example to compare what you are trying to do.
  • From there, design the speech path. How are you going to match the OOContext example with the presentation content and why. 
  • Deliver your special message by, slowly, asking and answering questions.
  • Create the hype before the key message is about to be said.
  • Resume the process
  • Close with a reflection in both the OOContext and the presentation content, if possible ask open questions at the end, so people would answer easily in their minds and the message will be believed by them, as a intelligent individuals.

Because, as humans, we are not the only ones at earth communicating, but our ability to connect, feel and share that makes us unique species, allowing YOU to unfold all that potential by just follow the right method. That is what I help people to do in my company and, our late motive as in the movie trailer is: “You can´t ignore the human factor”. 

About me:


Pablo, with over 10 years experience driving IT products to market, he lead Cisco Meraki into the south European region by adapting the product to the market. He´s developed a method that helps technology start ups grow their sales by redefining messages, streamlining the salesprocess and, overall, how to motivate employees and customers through public communciations and this concept of Sharing the idea without necessarily saying it. Passionate about sports, travelling (before CoVid) and family.