At Lidr we want to educate leaders that can be better for a better world. We stand for learning, people, and of course a sustainable future. We are focused on three areas:


The Lidr’s First Program: The priority for us is to deliver the best from the tech leaders that had a great impact in the real world, not only in the digital one.


We haven’t frontiers, that is why you can keep in touch with our professional people at any moment for free.


It’s in your mind, if you can imagine the future you can change it from today, from digital.

Our Values are based on the true story of Alvaro Moya


Our mission

Thanks People! We only believe in leaders: Tech Lidrs. If they want they can learn about the world and change the world for a better future.

Our vision

If we coach and connect in the right way the tech leaders we can all, together, have a deep impact on our jobs, careers, life, and world.

Our manifesto

People first
We believe Digital Transformation should be really People Transformation. We train professionals to care about the people in their organizations. This is the proven way to grow.
We are part of the digital revolution
Work will dramatically change in the following years. From distributed workforces to agile organizations, we want leaders to be prepared to face the challenges of tomorrow.
Applicable skills over certificates
Our program simply trains you to do your desired job successfully. We believe that’s a far better way of qualifying for that job that any kind of certificate. Certificate era is over!
Experience over theory
Learning by doing is the only way of learning for us. We believe learning should be fully immersive experiences where students analyse, do, get feedback and reflects. Here is the real learning that prepares them for future situations.
Impact over profits
We put everything on this venture with a single goal in mind. And yes, that goal is not the money, but to fill the lack of great leaders we currently face in tech companies.
Sharing over protectionism
We can not achieve great impact if we keep the formula for ourselves. “Giving back to the community” is deeply rooted in our mindset, and we want everyone to take advantage of our achievements and our fails too.

Become the next tech lidr and develop a better world

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